Thursday, December 20, 2012

DAMAWD--Do as Marcus Aurelius Would Do!

Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor AD 121-180) is one of the great antidotes for the modern mind.  His emphasis on self-discipline, self-control, caring for the health of your soul beyond material gains, treating others with respect and care, these are all things modern man is in desperate need of hearing.

This spring I introduced Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations into my leadership class and the students have taken to the old Emperor in ways I could never have imagined.  I can see lives being changed, souls being improved.  One came to me yesterday asking where he could get a copy to send to a friend who is in need of this ancient hand of wisdom.  Of course, I gave him a copy to send on. That is what the Emperor would have me do.

In The Iona Conspiracy, which is the third book of my Remnant Chronicles, Jacob is given a copy of Meditations as a way to prepare for the next phase of his life.  I cannot imagine a better gift you can give to yourself or a loved-one, particularly a young man coming of age, than to give Marcus Aurelius.  Read it drip by drip.  Mark it up.  Let it penetrate into your mind and your soul.  Jot down key lessons and thoughts.  Come back to it every year or so, and, particularly when times are difficult, pull him off the shelf and emplore yourself to “Do as Marcus Aurelius Would Do;” DAMAWD!

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