Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hunting Poems 2012

Hunting Poems 2012


Gary L. Gregg

I make no claim to being even a decent poet (or of knowing what that would mean).  But, I occasionally put pencil to paper and something comes of it that I am not totally ashamed of (again, perhaps I don't know enough to even be ashamed when I should!)  These are some of the poems I wrote on cold mornings in the deer woods in the Fall of 2012.

The Gold Above

laid out in sheets
the banquet table
of the sky.

pink and purple
before the sun god
searching for his treasure.

he does and bathes all
in the light that
bleaches clean.

not to be captured
by gods or men
until the last day burns
in flames that quench.

# # #

United in Time

after smaller prey
joins us in the hunt,
its paws more stealthy
than our man feet.

We wish each other
well in the sport
that meant survival
to our past.

We both reach back
in these fields
and brush the face
of kin long gone.

A moment of freedom
amidst our captive bliss.

# # #

New Day

blossoming through the
sky roots of the
November trees
to kiss the fields of green.

Sliding across the grass
with effortless grace
toward the anchor of this tree
toes, legs, chest, face.

Only the wind seems to
resist the wash
of the newborn day

May I never resist
the grace of days.

# # #

Coward Darkness

Mottling the woods
with sunlight and shadow

The rising chases the darkness
into its holes.

Cower, darkness
Cower before the light
of a new dawn.

Return not
until the setting
fills your belly with false courage
and you lie in pride upon the land.

Conquering only
until the rising.

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