Monday, May 20, 2013

50,000 Words and Counting. . .

Its been a slow slog through a busy and wet spring in Kentucky, but this morning I finally pushed over the 50,000 word mark for my new novel, tentatively called "The Spear of Destiny" and while it is about a spear and lots of destinies, and THE Spear of Destiny itself, I am looking for a better title that seems less like a giant cliche.

The 50,000 word mark found my protagonists (Duncan and Molly) heading north in the back of a fake milk truck.  Mr. Cox has set up an elaborate diversion trying to send not only the Nazi enemy but lots of his own men following them toward Wales (though he turned unexpectedly and is taking the team north somewhere beyond the known Highlands of Scotland.) Another team was sent South to London with a hooded and gagged man Cox said was the Monk Belenos, but that holy man from Logres will show up soon and it won't be in London!

The story has cruised along until now at a pretty quick clip, but is about to burst forth with action, adventure and intense danger as the Nazis catch up with them and our protagonists get closer to the portal which leads not only into the land of Logres but into time itself.

That spear tip that pierced the side of our Christ in this world and that of the sacred stag in Logres must not be allowed to fall into the hands of Hitler!

Its about to get fun!

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